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Veterans Day is a holiday that began at the end of World War I and commemorates veterans who served our country. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, The Treaty of Versailles was signed, ending WWI. November 11, 1938, it became a legal federal holiday. At the end of World War II the day was changed from Armistice Day to Veterans Day to celebrate veterans of all wars.  With a American Flagbackground reaching back to the first World War, celebrated every year, how has Veterans Day become just another day for students to miss school?

Veterans look forward to Veterans Day to celebrate the lives of those men and women who fought for our country. Most college students look forward to Veterans Day as another day to miss class. So why is Veterans Day more important to older generations than younger ones?

The main reason why older generations know more about Veterans Day and have more appreciation for it is because they were more affected by past wars.

College students have not been involved in a war that has change society the way previous wars have. Celebrating Veterans Day to older generations is not just about celebrating victory or survival. Older generations celebrate Veterans Day to remember their brothers, husbands, neighbors and the way life once was. During the first two World Wars the entire country came together to fight and lend support to those fighting.

How the country changed during past wars

Rosie the RiveterWomen working in factories while men were away at war.Rosie the Riveter

WWII families – While adjusting to sacrifice there was an increase in job opportunities to push the country into war-time production.

WWI – During this recession families had Wheatless Wednesday and Meatless Mondays.

VietnamThe Kent State Massacre is an example of protests that took place during the war.  

Today less people know about what is going on in the Iraq War than previous generations that were involved in war. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern counties are used interchangeably, when they are obviously not.    Middle Eastern Countries

The media has also had an impact on the amount of coverage is shown to the American public. During February 2009, President Obama reversed the 18 year ban on photos of caskets arriving from war. Older generations saw not only photos of caskets, but also videos of soldiers fighting and dying.

Many people have made arguments blaming the media for turning America against Vietnam. The media created strong opinions about the Vietnam War, but have somehow failed to create strong opinions about the current war.

I believe the difference in media coverage has contributed to the way that younger generations have reacted to the current war. Compared to previous wars there has been little involvement, protesting or having much of an opinion at all.

This lack of knowledge and involvement in the current war has led to the reason why students think of Veterans Day as a day to miss class rather than celebrate their county. I believe that this lack of patriotism is due to the media coverage, banned photos and lack of knowledge about the current war.


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Social Media LandscapeOver the past few years social media has become a major influencer of public opinion. More people are using social media as a way to find news and information about topics that interest them. This increased use of social media tools has created a new way for politicians to reach their constituents and address important issues.

Many politicians have jumped on the band wagon of social media users after realizing the benefits.social networking Social media can help politicians better understand, respond to and attract attention of their target audience.

When politicians choose to start a social media campaign, they should be prepared to handle the frequent updates that will keep subscribers happy. Worse than not using social media would be creating a social media site but failing to update the site with current information.

When creating a social media campaign there are four major social media sites that should be targeted first.


A blog is an online diary that includes articles, writings, photos and Web links. Blogs can be easily updated with current information and news. Blogs are a great campaign tool because they are easy to follow and give readers updates about campaign progress.


Twitter is great for short messages, event updates, blog post pushes and breaking news.  It allows a campaign to instantly send a message to followers.


Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to communicate with friends and coworkers. Users can post pictures, add videos, send mass messages and interact. Facebook can also be used as a  tool to calculate the number of people following a campaign.


Flickr is an online photo management and sharing application. With over 30 million monthly visitors this is a great way to share photos of campaigns and events.

Social media sites allow politicians to connect with their followers and organize their campaign. For best results, once the four major social media sites are created they should be closely monitored and updated frequently. Some politicians have a staff member that monitors all social media sites along with updating and maintaining the politician’s sites.

social networking communitySocial media sites should complement each other when used as part of a campaign. The messages on each site should be consistent with all other sites used as part of the campaign.

Last year’s presidential election is an example of one of the most successful political campaigns that used social media techniques. Barack Obama used a completely integrated campaign of TV, radio, Web and social media. The reason why the campaign was successful is because these tools were used together. No one tool can create a successful campaign by itself.

Social media alone cannot win an election and the outcome ultimately comes down to the candidate’s appeal and the campaign’s resources.

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